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Heal Yourself

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This application contains complexes of fast and effective exercises for men and women. By daily practice of which one can get rid of many diseases including chronic diseases. Such as osteochondrosis, back pain and low back pain, hernia nuclei pulposi, arthropathy (rheumatoid arthritis etc.), rheumatoid arthritis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (and many other gastrointestinal diseases), chronic ear infections, ophthalmopathy (cataract, glaucoma), dissipation of the senses of taste and smell.In the given application the author presents the results of his many years of work on the development, adaptation to our conditions and implementation in the practice of recreation complex Qigong therapy called Yin Yang .This application is written for those who are tired to be treated, to spend money on expensive drugs, to spend time in queues to physicians as well as endure painful manipulations and operations: for those who may have lost hope to be healthy, has been treated but at the same time remained chronically sick. You are suggested this guide which will help to improve health, get rid of a variety of diseases, to change their destiny.Methods described in this application are simple and accessible to everyone, effective and totally harmless .
The essence set out in application of Qigong therapy methodology based on the philosophy of Oriental medicine, is that it unlike the official medicine considers the human and social processes in general, in close connection with nature aimed at prevention and treatment of illness the whole body but not a definite organ by strengthening the immune system. Besides there appears the cornerstone of the teaching of the patient constant, active practice with the internal energy of the body through external exercises. Clarity and accessibility of the presentation of exercises practicing of which does not require any physical data, equipment and conditions, regardless of religion, nationality and gender, age contributes to the fact that anyone can easily master and perform the full range.
The author defends his position and conclusions presented in the brochure not in verifiable way but provides positive examples of many years of medical practice.
Qigong is the movement, the fight!
Yes, the fight for recovery and for the life itself. This is primarily a daily, hard work that will be eventually justified, and rewarded with time.
Qigong is the spirit!
Therefore, Qigong Therapy can help even when official medicine and other remedies and methods are vain.
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